Bowling Ball Cranker

If you like to put a lot of spin on your bowling ball then you are what is known as a cranker. You tend to play deep in the bowling lane and enjoys hooking the ball rather than throwing it directly at the pins.

As somebody who likes to put a lot of spin on the ball you will know that reactive resin and particle balls are the best option to choose for hooking the ball. By now you probably also know that reactive resin bowling balls can cost anything from $100 upwards.

When we first began to play bowling as an amateur we always felt that the key to success was in knowing how to hook the ball correctly. Yet as we got more accustomed to the game and fine tuned our bowling skills it became apparent that not only did we have to concentrate on the hook, but that speed was also a fundamental part of the game too.

You might think that if you can throw the ball extremely hard down the bowling lane that you are increasing your chances of hitting a strike, yet this is simply not true. Yes, you will hit some extra pins on occasion, but as a long-term tactic you are doing more harm than good since the chances of you this aiming your shot which leads to a lack of strikes or spares can seriously affect your game. For people starting out we always recommend that they begin to play bowling by throwing the ball down the lane gently at first, and once they begin to get the hang of the game then they should increase the speed of their to roll.

Although most modern bowling lanes will have an automatic scoring system, most likely inbuilt to the monitor and computer screen above your head, it is still a good idea to have an understanding of how the scoring system works in the game.

Hitting a strike is the main objective, and that is to say that you will knock down each of the pins which are correctly positioned at the end of the lane. The next best thing to hitting a strike is hitting a spare.

If you are lucky enough to have hit two consecutive strikes in a row then you have scored what is known as at double. Hitting three in a row is known as a turkey, while if you are extremely lucky and hit four in a row you have completed what is known as a hambone or four bagger. Exceptionally skilled players have even hit five in a row which is sometimes known as a five bagger, dropping the nickel or depending where you are from in the world a Yahtzee. Many of the top professionals have even hit seven, eight, nine and 10 strikes in a row with each of these simply being known as the number of strikes in a row.

You can get a maximum of 12 strikes in a row when you play bowling although there are only 10 official roles of the ball to begin with. The reason you can get a maximum of 12 strikes however is because you get an additional two extra roles of the ball at the end if you have completed 10 success of strikes prior to this. The chances of this happening are extremely slim although that is not to say that it cannot and has not been done before. A lot of this will depend on both the bowling ball that you use and the level of skill that you possess.

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