Indica vs Sativa Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

With so many marijuana seed banks to choose from and so many cannabis seeds for sale it can be quite difficult to choose the best seeds for your needs, especially when you are searching for outdoor weed seeds. We honestly didn’t know where to look until we came across a marijuana seed bank review site that listed the best places online to buy marijuana seeds.

On our travels we learned that there are two different types of marijuana. One is a sativa, and that is typically the type of cannabis plant that is found in warmer locations such as Asia and South America, while the other is Indica. Indica cannabis plants are usually found in cooler climates and the difference between the two is not only in their characteristics but also in the smoke and the yield that they produce.

Indica cannabis plants have large fan like leaves, while a sativa counterparts’ leaves are far more slim and finger like.

An indica marijuana strain delivers much more of a couch locked stoned feeling, while a sativa strain cues and much more heady “up” sort of feeling.

For outdoor marijuana growing Indica marijuana seeds and the most popular since these are much more hardy strain than sativas and produced far greater yields. Not only that, but they are much more sturdy and can resist a lot of what natures elements can throw at them.

We wouldn’t rule out growing a sativa strain altogether outdoors but if you want to experience the feeling of a sativa but still want to risk losing your plants to nature’s elements then perhaps an Indica / sativa hybrid is the best choice for you. These hybrids usually contain a 60 / 40% or a 70 / 30% combination of both types strains with the higher percentage leaning towards Indica in most cases. Smoking one of these strains will give you a great combination of both the “high” and “stoned” feeling at the same time - A real winner in our eyes!

It’s hard to get good seeds for growing marijuana outdoors. You can either create yourself by pollinating certain plans within your outdoor cannabis grow you can choose to buy them online from a trusted retailer. The choice is yours, and if money is tight then perhaps you should go with the option of creating your own. With that being said there cannabis seed banks that sell them online are among the finest in the business and have spent years perfecting each of their weed strains to produce the highest yielding and most potent marijuana plants that you likely will never be able to replicate if you decide to create your own pot seeds.

If you do decide to create own, you should set up a smaller grow operation somewhere a long way away from your commercial grow since you will not want mail marijuana plants pollinating any of the females that you have in your commercial grow location. The pollen that the male cannabis plant produces can travel more than a mile if the wind is blowing in the right direction so bare this in mind if you don’t want your commercial plants becoming pollinated. The problem with them becoming pollinated is that they will begin to produce cannabis seeds instead of putting their effort into producing THC laden buds, and nobody will want to smoke bud that is laced with weed seeds.

When the male has successfully pollinated the female remove it from the ground and throw it in a trash heap to avoid creating any more males.

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