Mackeeper Removal - Frustrated Apple Users

If you perform a simple search for “Mackeeper removal” on any of the major search engines you will notice that there are many articles, blog entries, and forum posts from frustrated Apple users who wish to remove the program from their Mac or MacBook Pro. But is Mackeeper as bad as people make it out to be or are you better off having it installed on your computer?

Well I guess we should begin by clearing up one myth - Mackeeper does not install itself on your Mac. Indeed it may download to your computer, but installing it is something that you have to do. Furthermore, if you actually want to run the program you will have to register at Kromtech’s website in order to receive a username and password to use the software. So to anybody who claims that Mackeeper is a virus and that it installs itself automatically, we have to wholeheartedly disagree with you on this one.

Perhaps the real problem with Mackeeper is that many people see it as being simply a placebo, and that the feature is that it offers are not really required or that they are already installed in one way or another on a typical Mac users’ OS. If one of the mini tools that they offer is not already installed on your Mac then a vast majority of them seem to be available as free downloads although if you choose to go this route then you run the risk of clogging up your computer with a number of unverified software.

Some of the comments you will notice upon running this query in a search engine give the impression of users claiming that Mackeeper seems to destabilise the perfectly well operating computer, and when it comes to removing it it seems to have embedded itself so well that removing it from the operating system is quite a chore for a non-tech savvy Mac user.

This isn’t me having a go at Mackeeper in particular. In fact I feel quite strongly about any disk utility, and believe that each and every one of them is a placebo in one way or another. In the past I have tried and tested quite a number of these and have always felt let down, although not all of the software I tried had the number of features that Mackeeper delivers including and especially the antitheft and geek on demand functions. I suppose it’s a case of each to their own at the end of the day, but if you wish to take the advice of someone who is in the know then perhaps searching for the article by iMore’s Peter Cohen will help you understand a little bit more of why you should not install Mackeeper.

Some of the pop-ups that you may receive on your Apple Mac while browsing the web even before you have installed or downloaded this software will tell you something along the lines that your computer is running low on disk space and that you should perform a scan. Of course this could be seen as a marketing ploy in order to get you to download and activate a trial run of Kromtech’s software but perhaps this is just as cynical mind at play (wink wink). Kromtech certainly cover their back on this one by making it abundantly clear that your computer is not in danger in any way but at the same time gets the point across that junk files buildup may eventually affect the performance.

With all this being said, perhaps you may find some of the other functions useful to your particular needs such as the languages cutter functionality as well as the fast cleanup tool.

The languages cutter performs a scan on your operating system and drills down through each of the apps that you have installed to see if they have any additional language packs downloaded and redundant in the background. Since the majority of users only use one language, the unwanted collection of extra language packets that are downloaded which each application that you install on your computer are completely unnecessary and the language cutter is designed to efficiently remove each of these by leaving you with the necessary language that you will use still in place. We cannot complain about this add-on since it does indeed have a certain functionality in saving space on your Apple Mac.

Finally, the fast cleanup function is one other application that takes the right boxes for us. When you open this mini application from the preferences section you can quickly and easily remove any old cached files, logs, and any other unwanted junk files with just one click of the button saving you quite a lot of disk space if you’re this is particularly messy or hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

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