Are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces A Supernatural Healing Power

As people who have tried it for the last few thousand years can attest to, genuine Baltic amber seems to possess an almost supernatural healing power. Did you notice how we said “genuine Baltic amber ”? We say this because only this type of fossilised trees sap material is regarded as being of high enough quality to possess the healing properties that make it so appealing.

Genuine amber is a prized commodity and can only be located in the vast Baltic region in Eastern Europe. You might be thinking to yourself that you have heard the word Baltic before but can’t quite put it where it is. Well maybe the Baltic Sea will bring some bells for you. This is precisely where genuine Baltic amber is found, with much of its actually being found underwater in this great sea. Before the sea took over, this entire area used to be an enormous forest, where fossilised pieces of unique trees formed the pieces of genuine Baltic amber that go into making jewellery like amber teething necklaces that you see being sold online today.

Who would have thought it all those million years ago that a simple tree sap would be retailed in the way that it is being sold today. But what is it in this tree sap that makes it so unique from others? Well the secret lies in what is known as succinic acid. This type of healing oil for want of better words is the secret to its popularity and is one that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard other scammers and replica jewellery makers try.

You will find that there is a fair share of fake replica amber jewellery and amber teething necklaces being palmed off on unsuspecting buyers who don’t know any better. But online and offline stores to sell the real thing go out of their way to provide you with certificate of authenticity to prove that the amber that they use comes from the unique forestland of the Baltic area of Europe.

It’s actually gotten to the stage where it’s almost become a necessity for these sellers to provide these type of documents since replica sellers will often try to undercut them and can easily afford to do this by using a cheap alternative like plastic instead. Note : you should try to avoid these like the plague as they absolutely will not provide you or your child with any healing relief.

There are some quite serious question marks that need to be asked in relation to amber teething necklaces, such as are they safe for children and whether it is dangerous are not for them to be wearing something like this around their necks. These questions have been asked many times and as a result there are now a number of new safety precautions in place. The most beneficial of these are the addition of a safety clasp which will snap open with any tension that is applied to the necklace, and the most recent addition that makes it possible so that only one piece of amber can fall off at any one time in the event of a breakage. Both of these additions only came from a well documented campaign that questioned the safety of an amber teething necklace being worn by a child.

People were worried and with good reason that a child could easily strangle themselves or even choke on one of the pieces of amber if there amber teething necklace were to break. Although you would think that safety additions like these would have been enough to quell the outcry of this game in regards to the safety measures, all you have to do is look online for anything related to an amber teething necklace and you will still find that there are many people who don’t agree with children wearing them, no matter what new safety precaution can be implicated. They say that the risk of strangulation or choking is simply too high.

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