Women Who Collect Reborn Dolls

You may be under the impression that all women who collect reborn dolls and silicone babies are either childless women or deranged and in need of someone to look after. The truth is that reborn babies appeal to many people and not just their deranged women that you think of. Yes there are quite a few fanatics who even we feel take the hobby a little too seriously, yet these dolls are made to appeal to the masses and anyone from the little girl to women over 60 years of age find themselves drawn to their beauty and realistic looks.

People who make these creations are known as reborners, and the art of recreating a beautiful little figurine from old used parts, silicone baby kits, or from design is one that seems to be sweeping the USA as the latest up-and-coming hobby for both men and women.

A great deal of patience and attention to detail is required if you want to become what is known as a reborner. The silicone babies themselves feel much like the texture of the top of a baby’s dummy. Others described as feeling like that of gummy candy, and when you actually feel it between your fingers you notice that the silicone material is highly flexible and quite rubbery to the touch. One abstract but quite accurate description that we found on one of our favourite forums is that they feel like a clammy fish. And we’d have to say that we almost agree with this description!

Many of the silicone babies for sale come complete with decorated glass and beads. Besides these most if not all will come with a full head of hair that has been painstakingly sold into the silicone scalp and a complete set of baby clothes. The hair itself is often genuine human hair which can even be washed with traditional shampoo and conditioner to keep it nice and soft. In fact you will find almost every trinket that you will need to complete your silicone babies in many of their major online stores. For many women who are preparing for pregnancy, have lost a child at a young age, or perhaps even during pregnancy, these unique little realistic babies as close to the real thing as is possible.

Silicone babies make an excellent choice for those preparing for motherhood since it allows young women to fully experience exactly what it will be like when their own little creation enters the world for the first time. Since some reborn dolls can even laugh and cry it teaches them how to look after their baby’s needs as they learn the responsibilities that are required to be a successful mother.

My wife has three reborn baby dolls yet I would not describe her as being in the deranged woman racket. She loves her little creations which she creates herself, but she would never consider them to be actual real baby. To me it seems like just a creative and enjoyable hobby, and seeing as we have a two-year-old little girl she also enjoys playing dress up and mommy with the models that my wife creates.

Daniel is the name of her latest creation and he was created from one of the silicone baby kits which my wife Therese purchased online. Right now he is sitting on the table in front of me as I write this is with our beautiful little gaze staring back in my direction. At approximately 14 inches in height is anatomically correct body size and proportions are made from solid platinum silicone. Although his hair is made of mohair rather than genuine human hair, it’s clear to see the effort and skill that goes into making him look so realistic. It’s certainly not something that I would have the time and patience to do since my entire spare time goes into creating posts for our website such as this one!

If you are interested in learning more about silicone babies, reborn baby dolls and all the various brands and companies who offer them for sale is then one of the best websites that we have found online is

Their reviews and general guides on how to purchase these figurines are what got us into the entire hobby in the first place. Perhaps it might do the same for you and open up a world of exploration and excitement at the same time!

Are Women Who Collect Reborn Dolls Deranged?
Edited - July 30th 2016
You may be under the impression that all women who collect reborn dolls and silicone babies are either childless women or deranged and in need of someone to look after. The truth is that..

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